About Us

Let us introduce ourselves:

HOME COMFORTS has been delivering high quality products and services for over 16 years.
Focusing on innovative products, developing new designs and a wide range of products, HOME Comforts has become a trademark company in the home textiles industry. We achieve this with the dedication of our experienced team.
We are changing the way people think about our industry by providing vital products and services in innovative ways.


Home Comforts is a diversified and fast growing Home Fashion Product company.
We offer a complete range of Adult and Juvenile Sheet Sets, Bridal Bed sets, Fashion Bedding, Infant’s Bedding and Towels. We are also an industry leader in innovative, embellished styling for these categories.
Our in-house Design & Product Development Team keeps us current with fashion and color trends.
Home Comforts sourcing capabilities allow us to tap into multiple mill partners’ strengths and cost advantages.
We can offer end-to-end product solutions, from design to timely delivery.
The reputation we acquired, stems from our market experience and quality of service. Market experience includes marketing processes and responding to customer needs in every aspect of our business. With service quality as a priority, we are able to provide customers with exceptional service in terms of delivery time, required product, required quantity, and competitive pricing.

Our Values:

-Treat others as we’d like to be treated
-Make promises and keep them
-Are HOME COMFRTS ambassadors with a passion for the business
-Communicate openly, frequently, and effectively
-Develop and reward our employees
-Learn from everything we do
-Value diversity
-Care for the community and the environment
-Value personal safety, well-being, and balance in our lives
Have fun

We operate our business on values of Honesty, Integrity & Service. Our daily goal is to earn the Trust of our Community. We at Home Comfort stand behind all our products and Service to give you peace of mind in an efficient manner.
WHAT WE do is all about you! Your satisfaction is our top priority.
You are the most important part of our business, that’s why we work very hard to provide you with the highest quality of bed and bath products we can find for the lowest price and among that stand behind all our products is 100% GAURANTEE.

So, freshen up your home this New Year with our stylish new home trends, designed to inspire you and help you create your perfect home.



To provide our Community Members with the Highest Quality Home Comfort, while meeting their Individual needs.



To be the Premier Provider of Quality Home TEXTILE Products to our valued customers; while maintaining our position in the Community as a Responsible and Contributing Business.